Create a 'whole life' model of future financial well-being. You choose how far ahead you want to look - 10, 20 ... 50 years or more.


Answer those important questions about how and when you can afford that house, that car, those school fees. Can you take a sabbatical, go part-time?


Know when you could stop work, take early retirement, and live the life you choose.


Create a simple but sophisticated model of your income, outgoings, assets and costs and see how they change over the future years.  Play with different options to understand how your choices are affected.  What-if this happens, what-if that changes. Model it and see.​  Show, share and understand together ideas and plans about today, tomorrow and your future.

Watch How Your Future Finances Change Over Time


Your Own Financial & Retirement Planning Dashboard

Whether you're just thinking about retirement, retired already or planning your future working and family life, the PersonalProjeXion App will help you. 

01 SIMPLIFIED LIFETIME MODELLING:  Model what you have today and what you plan to have in the years ahead. Tools provided to speed up and simplify the process.

02 GRAPHIC and NUMERIC: Simple and easy interface with both graphic and numeric displays provide sophisticated information analysis​. Optional summary and detailed levels of reporting.

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03 'AUTO-SOLVE':  A dynamic and flexible feature to re-allocate resources and demonstrate future solvency.  Where PersonalProjexion identifies a resource shortfall, to cover your expenses a prioritised re-allocation of resources will try to keep you 'in the black'.

04 'AUTO-INVESTMENT': Another dynamic and flexible feature to manage surplus or shortfalls. As in the real-world, unallocated 'cash' (amounts in excess of, or through a shortfall of, planned income and expenditure) become subject to maintainable cash, investment or loan rates of interest. 

05 MULTIPLE MODELS: Create, hold and modify up to five independent models to support different life-time scenarios.

06 REAL AND NOMINAL VIEW:  You choose how you want to see the future - as it will look or based at today's prices. The impacts of inflation, essential to understanding your financial future, are fully integrated.


07 WHAT-IF ANALYSIS: Dynamically change key elements of the model (e.g. pension performs better/worse than planned, house price rises vary, income grows faster/slower than believed and others) and see how your future choices will change.

08 MULTIPLE EXPENDITURE LEVELS:  In the real world, your annual expenditure will change with your stage of life and the events around you. PersonalProjexion allows the maintenance of multiple stages / levels of annual expenditure over the model lifetime.

09 TYPES OF ENTRY: All key classes of income, outgoings, assets and costs catered for so your model can be as comprehensive as you choose.

10 TAX: Choose to have PersonalProjeXion work on a gross or net of tax basis.

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11 ONE OR TWO PEOPLE: Models can be for one person or a couple.

12 YOUR PRIVACY: No account required; the application and the data sit in your own data-store.

13 HELP: Extensive help, with context sensitive guidance.

14 SECURITY: Password security built in.

15  RECESSION & ECONOMIC TURBULENCE: (R.E.T. Visualiser): See what happens when inevitable but unpredictable economic turbulence strikes.

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We are delighted to offer you PersonalProjeXion.

We want you to be equally delighted with its abilities and find it invaluable in seeing and optimising your future financial well being.

Extensive time and effort has gone into ensuring PersonalProjeXion delivers realistic and accurate projections for the years ahead and information provided. We cannot however warranty that the future will always unfold in the way the models indicate. 

Operating System:

- PersonalProjeXion is available for the Mac

- PersonalProjeXion is available for the iPad

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