Innovative and comprehensive.   By G.B. – September, 2018.   (iPad)

I like this app a lot.


It helps to fill a significant gap in the market and appears to be unique in this format.

Innovative and effective design. Functionally very comprehensive. Very responsive support. Provides important perspectives into future financial outcomes in a straightforward way. Historically, it has been very costly to have a third party, possibly a Financial Advisor, model this kind of thing for you. It’s the kind of model which, ideally, should be updated periodically over time as personal circumstances change. Having a third party involved just increases the potential total cost. The app is offered at a one-off price.


Much better solution than a spreadsheet and much less prone to error. All the hard work in terms of growth and inflation calculations and UK taxation is taken care of in the app.


Very much liked the ability to use sliders to alter key parameters and see the immediate impact. No need to enter large amounts of data to get meaningful results. Puts very powerful software into the hands of the individual.


Highly recommended. 

Great tool.    By Hopmos – December 2018.   (Mac)

Exactly what the home needs for building and managing a financial plan without the high costs of an advisor. Easy to use and build various scenario models. I had a couple of queries which were clearly and concisely answered via the support email within hours. Great product and removes the need to various spread sheets and reduces confusion around finance planning, just what I needed, thanks

Clever at what it does.    By ceejayt999 – May 2018.    (Mac)

You can pay alot of money for a Financial Sdvisor to run a forecst fo you of where you will be in the next 10, 20, 30 years and beyond - how your pensions will perform etc. ProjexionPlanner makes it a relatively easy exercise to do this for yourself and to maintain a few (up to 5) different models going forward. It could be more visually appealing and has a couple of quirky interface items but that is not as important as its ability to churn out some reasonable forecasts using its built in algorithms. The model, once built, can be manipulated with some neat sliders and takes account of inflation, investment growth, property value growth and multiple life events e.g. changing your car every five years in retirement. I would certainly recommend the product and I hpe the developer will continue to enhance it - I wold look forward to seeing a V2 for sure but will continue to use this version in the meantime.

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